PMMA 197th anniversary and grand alumni homecoming

Profile have been invited to attend the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy’s 197th Founding Anniversary and Grand Alumni Homecoming by Superintendent Rear Admiral Ritual. Profile founder - Mark Swift and Director - Graham Robson will attend the event.


The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy is one of the oldest and most illustrious institutions in the Philippines today and was first inaugurated in 1820. It is the premier merchant marine academy in the Philippines, around 250 marine and engineering cadets graduate annually with a BSc in Marine Transportation or Marine Engineering. The PMMA alumni is a prestigious and venerable list of who’s who in the Philippine maritime community.

Mark said “It is of great significance for Profile to be recognised by the Philippine maritime community by being invited to this Grand Alumni Homecoming. As the manning capital of the world the Philippine maritime community is hugely important to us.”


Who are PMMA?

The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) is the only premier state maritime institution in the Philippines. PMMA offers merchant marine related degree courses, as well as short term training and re-training of marine officers and ratings seamen.

PMMA midshipmen are government scholars, who are provided free tuition fee, board and lodging and have an assured shipboard training onboard international vessels during their third year with corresponding stipend. Upon graduation, PMMA midshipmen are assured of 100% employment rate and are the usual choice and preference of major global shipping and manning companies for assignment to International Ocean going vessels as deck officers and engineers.

PMMA midshipmen are selected from all over the Philippines through a rigid selection process. Out of average examinees of 6,400 about 5% successfully pass the different stages of the screening process and subsequently take their oath as full-fledged PMMA midshipmen.

Join the PMMA and experience quality education and boundless opportunities.